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Welcome to the Study and Exams node of NSW HSC Online. This node contains a wealth of information. Even if you only visit a few of the links listed, you will gain valuable insights into a range of topics from learning in general through preparing for examinations and test-taking tactics to specific skills such as stress management and time management.

The basic purpose of this node is to equip you with skills and techniques that will improve your performance as you prepare for the Higher School Certificate (HSC). The HSC examinations are often portrayed as the "most important examinations in your life". This viewpoint can place a lot of pressure on you. We believe that if students are well prepared, in control of their own environment and aware of their strengths and weaknesses (in their study ability), then the significance of this statement can be put into perspective in a calm and reassuring way.

Throughout the following pages, links to external sites are marked with an arrow (like this: teach.NSW). These links will open in a new window.

This node contains the following categories of topics to assist you in preparing for the HSC:

The first few topics are general in nature and will help you think about how you learn, where you learn, and how to manage yourself within a learning environment. The next set of topics offers advice on specific techniques for study and exam preparation. The final two topics are for sharpening your skills in both written and oral forms.

We hope you enjoy your learning journey.

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