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Receive and process incoming goods - process deliveries


When goods are delivered to a store there are several tasks that should be completed.

As a delivery arrives, all cartons, pallets and other items should be placed on the floor for checking.
All cartons should be checked off against the invoice according to store policy, taking special note of the following:

All this should be done before the delivery docket is signed.
When checking a delivery, employees should not allow themselves to be rushed or hurried by the delivery driver.
It is the employee’s job to thoroughly check all deliveries.

If a store receives multiple deliveries at the same time, each delivery should be checked separately and in an orderly manner. All stock should be accurately recorded and checked against original order documents.

All shortages, over-orders, and missing and damaged goods should be noted on the delivery invoice and the original order documents, according to store policy.

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Below is an example of a delivery invoice.

COD Stationary Supplies

67 Paper Drive
Pulptown Tasmania 8676



Invoice Number 3747

Purchase Order Number G857

Deliver to:
Central Newsagency
Shop 9/ 87 Reader Street
Valley view NSW 2095


Attention: Store Manager

Quantity Ordered



Unit Price



Box of Pencils
3 Ring Folder
Pkt Exercise Books



$ 12.50
$  9.60

                                                              Subtotal                          $61.30

                                                              GST on Purchases                  $ 5.60

                                                              TOTAL                                 $66.90

                                                                                           Net payment 7Days

Unpacking goods safely

Unpacking and processing a delivery should be done in a safe manner and care should be taken when using carton knives, trolleys, pallet jacks and any other equipment.
Correct lifting procedures must be used when lifting cartons, boxes or moving empty pallets.
For more information about correct lifting procedures refer to the Apply safe working practices or go to the Workcover Smart Move site below. (external website) (external website)

Processing delivered goods

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