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Customers with special needs

woman in a wheelchairSpecial needs customers are just customers. You may require a little extra help and patience when serving them, but, like any other customer, they wish to purchase a product or service, and it is your job to serve them. Sometimes it is not apparent that they are a special needs customer as they might not like to draw attention to their disability, and in some cases they might not consider themselves to have any special needs. Therefore, when communicating with a person with special needs, take care to treat them as a person and not a condition. If the person is escorted by a carer speak to the customer rather than the carer. The carer will intervene if appropriate.

The Moray council in the United Kingdom has very good customer care guidelines you can access it at their website at http://www.moray.gov.uk (external website) >>search>>customer care>>customer care guidelines

Some of the customers with special needs you might provide services for are:

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