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MODULE C: Representation and Text

This module requires students to explore various representations of events, personalities or situations. They evaluate how medium of production, textual form, perspective and choice of language influence meaning. The study develops students’ understanding of the relationships between representation and meaning. (Reread English Stage 6 Syllabus (external website) p 52.)

Elective 1: Conflicting Perspectives

In their responding and composing, students consider the ways in which conflicting perspectives on events, personalities or situations are represented in their prescribed text and other related texts of their own choosing. Students analyse and evaluate how acts of representation, such as the choice of textual forms, features and language, shape meaning and influence responses.

Students choose one of the following texts as the basis of their further exploration of the representations of conflicting perspectives.

Shakespearean Drama

Shakespeare, William, Julius Caesar, Cambridge University Press, New Cambridge Shakespeare, 2004, ISBN-13: 9780521535137; or Cambridge School Shakespeare, 1992, ISBN-13: 9780521409032


Prose Fiction


Drama (d) or Film (f)





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