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The Group Performance

Group Performance

In the Group Performance each student collaborates with the group in devising a piece of original theatre, based on a theme, concept, issue, idea or image taking ONE (1) topic from the Topic List - Group Performance. The Topic List - Group Performance is available in the Drama Stage 6 Course Prescriptions - Higher School Certificate 2015-2017 (external website) document.

Before you start your Group Performance you should check the guidelines so that you follow them carefully. These can be found in the document HSC Drama Marking Guidelines - Practical tasks and submitted works (external website).

Board of Studies NSW information about the group performance you should check includes:

If you are in any doubt about the guidelines, contact the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) for confirmation on phone (02) 9367 8161.

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The process

Choosing the group for you

Work on the group project can start from the beginning of Term 2. The Group Performance will take the majority of class time from this point on.

Groups can be formed in a variety of ways. Some common ways are:

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Starting with your group

You are going to be working with the people in your group very closely until your Group Performance examination at the end of Term 3. So you have to plan how you are going to work together and what you expect from each other.

Many people use a contract which they work out together; talking about how they all keep in touch, what happens if they are away, how they will share the recording of the process for their logbooks, how they will solve any disagreements.

It is important to sort out these things and to keep working on them because even though you are all marked as individuals, you are involved in a Group Performance so you must work as a team.

Choosing a topic

Your teacher will give you a list of topics provided by the Board of Studies which you will use as a starting point for developing your Group Performance.

To find a suitable topic each group could start by:

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Developing the performance

The Group Performance uses a process of playbuilding. Playbuilding involves:

  1. selecting an idea or subject
  2. collecting relevant information
  3. selecting, structuring and developing the material
  4. creating roles
  5. establishing situations
  6. planning
  7. making a record of ideas
  8. performing
  9. reflecting and evaluating.

To develop your performance each group should:

Experiment as much as you can, but very soon you must MAKE SOME DECISIONS

Refining the performance

When you have been working on ideas and you have developed some parts of your Group Performance you will need to start to refine it so that it becomes a smooth and coherent performance piece.

You could:

Remember to record all the steps of development
and your reflections on them in your logbook.

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Time line

Term 2

Weeks 1–4 Choosing the topic: Brainstorming, hot seating, preparing character profiles, developing ideas and random scenes. Writing in logbook.

Weeks 5–8 Developing the performance: Focussing on particular topic and developing scenes around that idea. Writing and reflecting in the logbook.

Weeks 9–10 Performance for drama night: A chance for feedback and evaluation. Writing and reflecting in logbook.

Term 3

Weeks 1–4 Refining the Group Performance

Weeks 5: Drama HSC Practical Examinations.

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Important questions to ask yourself while you are developing your performance

  1. Have I checked the criteria in the HSC Guidelines?
  2. What can I do best to show my performance skills?
  3. Have I thought about the development of my character or role?
  4. What is the message our group wants to communicate?
  5. Are we using the performance area effectively?
  6. How have we established an actor–audience relationship?
  7. Do we show that we are working well as a group?

The logbook

The logbook is meant to be a record of your involvement in the development of your Group Performance. It should be with you all the time and you should record each day’s work. Remember to:

As the examination day approaches

Have we timed the performance and checked that it is between 8–12 minutes in length?

Do we have a written script to give to anyone doing production?

Have we checked on all production and rehearsed all aspects?

Have we prepared our logbooks?

Have we given our photographs to the teacher for our examination marking sheet?

Have we checked all transitions throughout the performance and checked that they work?

Have we planned for any costume that may be necessary?

What will happen on the examination day?

Two or three examiners will come to the school and the group performances will be examined first. If there are any Individual Projects (Performance), they will usually be examined after all Group Performances are complete.

The examiners will ask each group to stand in front of them. They will then check each student’s examination numbers and make sure they can identify each person in the group as individuals.

The examiners will ask the group to begin and they will start a stopwatch. If the group goes over time it will be asked to stop. At the end of its performance, the group will have a brief interview with the examiners.

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