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Preparing the major design project folio

HSC Outcome H4.1 identifies a need or opportunity and researches and explores ideas for design development and production of the MDP

The folio is the document that the student presents along with the product, system or environment for the Higher School Certificate examination. All of the activities involved in the design, development and production of the product, system or environment should be documented in a folio.

This folio will be submitted with the product, system or environment for marking at the Higher School Certificate Examination.

The folio therefore is the student's method of communicating with the examiners about the Major Design Project. It explains the reasons for the nature and form of the submitted product, system or environment.

The folio should demonstrate:

It should provide the examiners with a clear understanding of the process the student followed in developing and realising the project, from the student's first ideas through to their last thoughts about the success of the project. It should state exactly what the student was hoping to achieve and all the plans they put in place to implement their goals. It needs to clearly show the research and application of the conclusions of the research. It should show the alternatives, relevant to the identified need, that the student considered at each step of the process and the evaluations undertaken in order to make sound decisions. There should be clear evidence of the use of development processes, investigation, experimentation and the like, and, importantly, the application of these and the ongoing evaluation to the progress of the project to a best satisfaction of the identified need.

The criteria established by the Board of Studies for the examination of the Major Design Project include:

The Board of Studies does not specify how the folio should be structured; as the examiners will be allocating marks to the above criteria and will give credit to students wherever the information appears, however, it is important that students cover each criterion clearly and thoroughly. It is also important however, that all information is relevant and appropriate: it relates to the identified need.

Regardless of the approach the information must be clearly presented and easily understood by the examiner.

Students need to explain every aspect of their work, remembering that the examiner is marking what they can see. Students who have done research but not explained it or shown evidence in their product, system or environment cannot be given credit by the examiners. It is essential to document, by whatever method, every aspect of the development of the project that relates to the identified need.

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