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Major Design Project

‘In Design and Technology Stage 6, the external examination consists of a written paper and the major design project for external marking.

The Major design project will include the submission of:

For examination in 2011, students should be aware of changes to the Examination Specifications relating to the Major Design Project. Of particular importance, students should note the following except from the Board of Studies document entitled Assessment and Reporting in Design and Technology Stage 6 (external website).

The purpose of the folio is to document the project proposal, management, development, realisation and evaluation of the Major Design Project. Students need to select appropriate samples of work that reflect the processes they have followed and that provide information showing how they have met the Major Design Project examination criteria.

Folio parameters
The folio will be limited to 80 written A4 pages OR 40 written A3 pages printed on ONE side only. Note that the page limit includes the title page, index, bibliography, design ideas, concept sketches and detailed drawings, as well as information presented on displays or noticeboards.

Students who need to use a combination of A3 and A4 pages in their folios to display their work to best effect must keep to the overall page limit, using 1 × A3 page = 2 × A4 pages as a guide.

Other media-based or multimedia-based materials in a student’s folio should not exceed six minutes viewing time in total.

Folio format

While this section of the document has been highlighted, students should be aware of all requirements set out in the document under the heading Examination Specifications.

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