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Dance Technique incorporating safe dance practice

Application of body skills to the dance

Candidates are required to sustain a highly skilled performance of Dance Technique in a Dance with consistent alignment, control and application of safe dance practice. Understanding the principles of safe dance practice will assist in the development and demonstration of sound technique. Developing body skills in conjunction with safe dance practices is the basis for preventing dance injury. It involves the study of:

Principles of alignment
Kinaesthetic awareness
Locomotor movement
Non-locomotor movement

Performing sequences relative to anatomical structure

Candidates are required to perform consistently, at a high level, complex locomotor and non-locomotor sequences, which show a range of body skills, relative to anatomical structure.

(Note: Complexity refers to the level of Dance Technique required in conjunction with the range and combination of body skills shown in the locomotor and non-locomotor sequences and the elements of dance.)

Your individual anatomical structure, strength, flexibility and endurance will influence the combinations, phrases and sequences that you perform. You should always perform within your body's capabilities and limitations.

Individual differences
Body maintenance
Causes and prevention of injury

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