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Prohibition Signs
Mandatory Signs
Restriction Signs
Hazard Signs
Danger Signs
Emergency Signs
Fire Signs
Dangerous Goods
Placement of Signs

Common Industry Signage

The construction industry uses signs and symbols to convey information. It is important that the signs quickly convey the required information. To assist with this, standard signs are used. Some examples of the types of signs used are shown below.

Some signs have their meaning shown. Others have the meaning hidden.
Test yourself to see if you know the meaning of the sign before clicking on the answer

  Border Background Symbol / Text Notes
Prohibition Signs Water not suitable for drinking sign Water not suitable for drinking Prohibition sign 2 Click here for answer
  Red White Black  
Mandatory Signs Face shields must be worn sign Face shields must be worn Mandatory signs 2 Click here for answer
  White Blue White  
Restriction signs 10 km/hr sign Speed limited to 10 kph    
  Red White Black  
Hazard Signs Forklifts in vicinity sign Forklifts in vicinity Hazard sign 2 Click here for answer
  Black Yellow Black  
Danger Signs Danger signs Danger as stated on the sign Danger signs Click here for answer
  Black White Black Standard "DANGER" symbol
Emergency Signs Emergency eye wash sign Emergency eye wash Emergency sign 2 Click here for answer
  White Green White  
Fire Signs Fire extinguisher location sign Fire extinguisher location Fire sign 2 Click here for answer
  Black Red White  
Dangerous Goods Flammable gas class 2 sign Flammable Gas

Class is 2
Dangerous goods sign 2 Click here for answer
  Black Various Black  

All these signs follow an Australian Standard. It is important that standard signs are used. This allows a common understanding of the message being conveyed.

Sign Placement

Signs should be:

Signs may be grouped where they have a common purpose and do not confuse thereader.


Four signs placed together 3 metres from the ground, behind a tree, in the dark, warning of speed limit, biological hazards and requiring respirators to be worn.

Read the scenario above and then indicate by checking true or false beside the statements below: True False
The signs are placed too high
The grouping of these warning signs makes it easier to avoid the hazards
Warning signs need to be well lit and clear of impediments
These signs provide effective warning of hazards


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