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Key terms and concepts

Anti-discrimination Not being allowed to treat people differently because of their race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, age etc.
Colleague A fellow worker in a business.
Confidentiality Keeping something private or secret.
Criminal offence Partaking in an activity that is against the law.
Disloyalty An unfaithful act.
Duty of care Moral or legal obligation to ensure safety.
Employee A person who works for a wage or salary.
Employer The owner of a business who employs workers.
Equal Employment Opportunity A policy ensuring that everyone is treated equally so that the best person is chosen for a job.
Equity principles The notion of fairness.
Ethical standards Standards relating to morals.
Industrial relations The relationship between management and the workers in a business.
Industry codes of practice Set rules of behaviour within an industry.
Legislation Laws passed by the Federal or State Parliaments.
Line management A chain of command where the work of a subordinate is directed by his/her supervisor, starting with the top level of management.
Negligent Acting carelessly, failing to consider the consequences of actions.
Occupational Health and Safety (external website) Legislation concerning the need to protect the health and safety of all workers and visitors in a business.
Organisation A business.
Organisational goals and objectives Where a business plans to be in the future and what it needs to do to get there.
Outsourcing Sending certain jobs to another company for completion, particularly suited to accountancy, printing, advertising, and security.
Performance appraisals Performance reviews to provide feedback to employees.
Prioritise To put in order of priority or urgency.
Quality assurance A system to maintain standards in a business.
Rights and responsibilities How an employee or employer can be expected to be treated and what is expected of an employee or an employer under a contract of employment.
Sexual harassment Verbal or physical behaviour that has a sexual element, is unwelcomed, is intimidating, offensive or humiliating.
Unions Organisations of employees that represent the interests of the employees.

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