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You are a casual employee in an office, working only two days per week. Your main role is to send invoices out to account customers, check all payments as they come in, pay all accounts and prepare the payroll. You also fill in by replacing the receptionist at her desk during her lunch break.

  1. List the conditions of work that would be included in your contract for employment.

  2. Would you be covered by an award, an enterprise agreement or an Australian Workplace Agreement? Justify your answer.

  3. A colleague (of the opposite sex) keeps asking you out even though you tell him/her that you are not interested. Explain what you should do to get him/her to stop.

  4. As a clerical worker, which union would you join?

  5. Explain the rights you have as an employee.

  6. You decide to look for another job. Write a letter of application and a Resume for the following position.

    Accounts Assistant: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and related tasks under the direction of the Financial Manager. Must have experience in Microsoft Office and MYOB. Send application to Stan Smith, Financial Manager, ABC Imports, 695 Old Sydney Road, Sydney 2000.

    Try to keep your resume to approximately 2-3 pages. Be sure to use the spelling and grammar function of your computer, then proofread carefully and correct any errors.
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